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It is good to do good.

Introducing original Šolta natural and cultural values in order to promote our beautiful island Šolta to our current and future guests.

About Us

The Association of Private Renters My Solta is the first Professional Association Promoting Tourism on the Island of Solta.  The Rental Owners want to improve the quality of their accommodations and the destination as a whole service oriented tourism offer.
Aside from the Rental Owners of Private Accommodations, the Association also gathers other people of good will in the local community who also want to raise awareness of the needs of community and raise the quality of life in all aspects of their lives.  This desire is very obvious in the first Association Project titled:  Integrated Services and Offers of Island  Solta.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continually, through using natural, human and heritage resources of Solta to discover, uncover and improve our destination potentials, to develop better and higher quality tourism offers and to extend the current season into using our resources and geographical location to a yearlong destination. Through several developmental strategies up to 2020, we want to advance, improve and raise current quality levels for the community and all social levels of society so that everyone benefits.


To unite and advance the tourism services and offers, achieve better business results and better life conditions. We also want the young generations to return to the island and become a productive part of the local community.  A an ancient saying when a woman was to be married on Solta was “May God send you to Solta”. It was said for reasons even current generations don’t know about. Solta was a rock, a literal rock in ancient times so life on this rock was very difficult. When  a mother got angry at her daughter, she would say “May god send  you to Solta”, as punishment. Well today, we still use that phrase, but in a complimentary way.


About Solta

Few words about Solta

Solta is directly across the mainland city of Split which is only 9 nautical miles in distance. Spit has 8 docking ports for large ships during in season and it has become an integral part of the city. Visit us if you’re in the neighborhood—instead of constant traffic jams and crowded beaches, jump aboard a ferry, cool off on the upper ferry deck and for less than one hour you will arrive at a destination where the sea is still crystal clear, strewn with many pebble beaches and nobody pulling you by the sleeve saying: “Zimeer frei”.
After your beach experience you can visit one of many family operated businesses on the island and learn how to produce olive oil, wine and honey. For a glass of Dobricic wine in the original wine cellar served with olive paté and a bite of tiny sardines in a dish of incredibly tasty olive oil. Doesn’t that sound worth visiting and experiencing?

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