About the association

The Association of Private Rental Accommodations My Solta is a professional association that gathers rental agents in private accommodations as its strongest asset but also other players in the tourism aspect of Solta. Currently, there are 330 registered private accommodation units with 1700 beds and more than 15000 guests per year. Aside from the private accommodation owners, the Association supports the development of private accommodations, promotion of Solta as a destination and also promotes the betterment of life quality on Solta. The Volunteers in the Association can gain knowledge and experience and improve their resumes. For its efforts, the Association has up to now gained support from the Municipal Government, The Tourism Board Solta, Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Globetour and other participators in tourism.


  • The development and improvement of accommodations and tourist attractions.
  • To impact the tourist development of Solta and to bring forth development strategies
  • To suggest and realize projects in accordance to destination management
  • To integrate into hotel accommodations according to new possibilities and categorizations
  • To get involved in European and global trends and sustainable tourism development
  • To support and develop other sustainable tourism products and services and extend the season


  • Creating a networking system of private accommodation owners
  • We contribute to a better quality promotion of Solta and cooperate with programs related to tourism
  • We inform our guests about cultural, sport I events tied to our island traditions
  • Education in foreign languages, new technologies and communication skills
  • Creating and encouraging programs for honoring and awarding the accommodation owners
  • Participate in Trade Shows related to tourism likewise in promotional activities
  • Help accommodation owners with legal and financial issues
  • Gathering of honored members with the goals of networking and support in the Association
  • Cooperate with Tourism Board Solta, Ministry of Tourism, Municipal offices for tourism, the community of private accommodation owners, Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Travel Agencies and other inspection agencies, police department and other issues in the destination
  • Economic related activities in accordance with laws and regulations


  • The independence of its establishment, work plans and executing them in accordance with the Constitution and laws
  • Cohesion of memberships in achieving the objectives, mutual understanding and respect
  • Democratic organization and working towards bodies under the Statutes
  • Transparency in the form of reporting and openness towards the media
  • Non-profitability in the financial plan of income and expenses
  • Ethics in our work and behavior