My Solta Catalog Map

‘My Solta’ Catalog is a unique tourist product which is designed for guests and visitors of Solta to be able to access information much easier and all in one place. It’s use would be intensive as it contains everything you need to know about the Island, including products and services of the local community. The map will be placed in accommodation units, Association Member Business Locales, as well as in public places where tourists and locals move about. The first edition for 2015 will be printed in 300 copies with the possibility of supplementing the content by inserting more. Aside from the printed version, it will be partially available online as well.
Catalog Contents:

  • Map of the island with a marker of the guests location
  • Personalized welcome letter, house rules and information from the host
  • Useful information and contacts, destinations and excursion offers
  • Commercial offers – ads interesting specifically to a target group
  • Side pocket insert with publications from Tourist Board Solta

My Solta Catalog Map HR/EN
My Solta Catalog Map DE/FR