OCTOBER 2017/2018
Grandparents and grandchildren – holidays made just for you!

You’re only 3 hours way by airplane to your holiday home on the most incred- ibly beautifuly Adriatic Sea holiday retreat where you can still swim in the sea and enjoy our “Indian Summers”. The Island itself is only 1 hour away from the airport or 1⁄2 hr ferry sail from the coastal city of Split.

The Island of Solta is a retreat like no other that will eliminate any stress you collected over the year. We have 7 small villages with welcoming Hosts o ering you traditional or modern accommodation. No need to worry about crowded beaches, or all inclusive hotels, no pressure to do any- thing unless you want to.

We are so close to Split and yet so hidden from the tourism madness, Šolta has preserved its authentic architecture, natural and historical heri- tage, it’s own way of life. Is it so not perfectly perfect!

From the following “la carte” proposal including transportation, accommodation and activities you can make your own best holiday ever.

Especially if you are interested in drawing and art. Šolta is an island of painters, artists and craftsmen.
Split Airport Rent-A- Car costs less than 100 E per week.
O we go!


A private boat will take you from the Split Airport, passing by the UNESCO town of Trogir on the way to Maslinica within 30 minutes.

All in all, you don’t have to sit for very long in bus transfer but enjoy breathtak- ingly beautiful view and time will y. One way price is 190 € for up to 10 per- sons, luggage included.

Public transportation

will be provided starting from the Split airport to Rogac using a bus, ferry/fast boat and bus on nal journey which will take roughly 2 hours and the cost is 15 E per person.


You have a wide range of options depending on your needs from a Heritage Ho- tel, Apartments, Holiday Homes, Bed and Breakfast, Private Pensions, Camping Grounds or even Boats!

October is the perfect time for discounts and vary from Service Provider to Ser- vice Provider.
For example, 2 bedroom apartment or entire house from 40€ per night. Theme Activities, Visits, Workshops

Theme Activites, Visits, Workshops

  • How we grove potatoes on Šolta for 2 harvests a year
  • Archery by Oliveto
  • My very rst day on a sailing boat
  • Buktenica&Bukenica Galery and Painting Workshop
  • Give bees a chance…. Globalisation – Šolta way
  • Catch your own sh at Fishing Farm
  • Chicken Hrvatica Farm strich Farm
  • From olive grove to olive mill and your own bottle of olive oil
  • Picking grapes and making vine with a local producer
  • Dancing by Čuvitice, children association

And many more: swimming, diving, cycling, tracking, tenis, football, body&soul, excursions, Fascinating Split

BOOKING: www.bit.ly/ressolta
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